When we are going to visit to a new place, we are trying to learn more about it – we read travel blogs, visit sites with tourists’ reviews, even choosing a hotel online, we will be sure to scan the comments of guests - in the hopes of gaining additional useful knowledge about the region, which we are planning to visit. Typically, in these sources we learn a subjective opinion and personal experience from the same guests as we are. Among the stream of opinions it is quite difficult to find really useful information, which gives practical advice and tips.

By creating this resource, I tried to share invaluable experience gained by me over many years of living in it. I hope that my experience can help you avoid negative emotions which are unavoidable as there is no absolutely perfect place in the world and make a correct and objective opinion about your trip and the country as a whole. Therefore, in this resource I plan to publish, in my opinion, useful information that will be able to help you in achieving your travel goals. What I mean by useful information? Suppose you want to try the national cuisine, look for information on the Internet and find the advertised restaurant, with a reference to the foreign customers. Most likely you go there, but it would be disappointing to overpay at an expensive restaurant, when there is not well-known restaurant located two blocks, with exactly the same dishes, but with much more affordable prices. Telling you about this place, I'll take it that I shared useful knowledge.

If you want to share your experience of living in your native region on the pages of my portal I will be very happy. Regarding the publication of the material, please contact me with the following email address: elemesov529@gmail.com

Best Regards,

Yelemessov Sultan