NurBus buses launched in Almaty


NurBus tourist buses launched in Almaty, Т correspondent reports.

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Sightseeing tours of the main attractions of the city started on December 7. Tours are conducted on a special convertible bus according to the Hop-On Hop-Off concept.

"Hop-on hop-off bus tours are available in many major cities around the world. Tours are held on a specific route with pre-arranged stops where passengers can go out and take a walk to the sights, and then again take the sightseeing bus and continue the trip. Such excursions are accompanied by guide comments or audio recordings, for which each passenger is given individual headphones", - said one of the founders of NurBus Almas Asylbekov.

According to Asylbekov, in 2017, 700 thousand tourists visited Almaty, of which 300 thousand were foreign. The growth of tourist flow compared to 2016 averaged 20 percent.

Hop-On Hop-Off tours take a route that encompasses the so-called Golden Square, the historic center and other areas of the city. In total, eight stops are provided along the route, within walking distance of which are the main attractions of Almaty. The NurBus bus is custom-made, has a retractable roof and panoramic windows that are removed during the summer season. It is planned that the bus will perform daily four laps on the route in the winter and six in the summer, regardless of weather and occupancy.

The tours are accompanied by audio recordings about the history of Almaty and its iconic places. A multi-channel audio guide system allows you to listen to a recording in a language of your choice, you will receive individual headphones when entering the bus.

"So far, audio recordings of tours are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English. However, in the near future several more languages will be added. The audio recordings are unique in content because the texts for them were compiled both from historical materials about the city and from the words of the native people of Almaty. These records reflect different historical eras of the development of the city of Almaty", - summed up Almas Asylbekov.


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