26 tourists asked for help from the staff of the tourist police


As part of the implementation of the State program for the development of the tourism industry in the city of Almaty, tourist police has been established, reports Zakon.kz.

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Many residents of Almaty began to notice small cars in the city with the words "Tourist Police". It was created to increase the international image and tourist attractiveness of the city of Almaty.

During the entire existence of the tourist police, inspectors considered 26 complaints from tourists.

«The tourist police is engaged in counseling, informing tourists and city guests on issues of interest and ensuring their safety. At present, the personnel of the new unit is 20 people. These are special police officers who, in addition to excellent professional qualities and professional skills, speak Kazakh, Russian and English. The unit is staffed with qualified personnel in full,», – reported the head of the Office of Tourism and External Relations of Almaty Maksat Kikimov.

According to the Almaty Police Department, the tourist police stationary posts are located in 4 locations in the city, where at each site there is one electric vehicle assigned to inspectors:

1. Republic Square
2. High-mountain sports complex "Medeu"
3. Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
4. Park "Kok Tobe"

If you need advice, you can contact the tourist police at the following contact numbers:

Responsible inspectors of Medeu district - Shalbayev Zh.N. 87075559779; Kudaibergenov E.K. 87052272703.
Responsible inspectors of the Bostandyk district - Tuleuov E.E. 87078626122; Almishaev F.A. 87071844417.

In May, in the structure of the Almaty Police Department a new division was created on the basis of the Office of the Migration Service.

Source: www.zakon.kz

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