Kazakhstan ranked 44-th in the ranking of safe countries


Global Finance magazine ranked the safest countries. Kazakhstan took 44-th place, Zakon.kz reports.

Photo : pixabay

The rating took into account such factors as the likelihood of a military conflict, personal safety of the population, economic development, and the likelihood of a natural disaster.

The safest country is called Iceland. Behind her in the first ten are located Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Norway, Qatar, Singapore, Denmark and New Zealand.

Kazakhstan from 128 countries is on the 44-th line, right behind Japan. Armenia took the 62-nd place, Tajikistan - the 68-th place, Azerbaijan - the 78-th place, Kyrgyzstan - the 89-th place, Russia on the 108-th place, Ukraine - on the 116-th.

The last ten were closed by Venezuela, Mali, Chad, Bangladesh, Colombia, Pakistan, Nigeria, El Salvador, Guatemala, Yemen and the Philippines.

Source: www.zakon.kz

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