Polish citizen flew to Taldykorgan for a date, but he was deceived


A cruel joke was played on a Polish citizen who arrived in Kazakhstan for a date with a girl, Sputnik reports.

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The story related to a foreigner was published on social networks - on January 19, admin of group the Taldykorganets Kairat Abdrakhman posted information about a Polish citizen who came to Taldykorgan to meet a girl named Kristina. As a result, the man realized that his expectations were deceived.

«I received a message that at one of the city stops a Pole-man had been waiting for his girlfriend for a long time. I was interested in the case, and by the phone number I get I phoned him and met later. It turned out that the 52-year-old man Prheslav from the town of Swarzędz some time ago met and spoke on the Internet with a girl from Taldykorgan, who identified herself as Christina. To get to know each other, the Pole arrives in Kazakhstan with two transfers through Germany for four days without a visa. I liked the story and, to be honest, it was just a pity for the guy who bothered to fly here. To help, a call was made in social networks that did not give the desired results.» - told Kairat Abdrakhman.

Residents of the city gave the Polish citizen a warm welcome and believe that the foreigner will not have bad impressions about Taldykorgan.

«Prheslav is very open and simple. Time spent with him flew by quickly. It turned out that the man is divorced from his wife, and he has a 17-year-old daughter. He also has his own business. It is necessary to happen that a citizen of a distant country flew to our small town», - said blogger.

He also wished Prheslav safely and without incident to get to his homeland.

Source: www.zakon.kz

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