Almaty surpass Rio de Janeiro and Beijing for the comfort of living


Scientists conducted a study to find out which of the cities is the most comfortable for living. According to statistics, Almaty received a higher score than Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai, NUR.KZ reports.

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Rating published on the site, whose experts have calculated how comfortable it is for the citizens of large cities around the world.

A total of 226 cities were on the list. Almaty ranked 208 in the rating table, ahead of such cities as Delhi, Cairo, Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas.

However, compared to the leader's quality of life index, which became the city of Canberra, which was rated at 224.3 points, Almaty index was only 87.69 points.

Recall that in the rating of cities also included Russian cities, among which the best was Nizhny Novgorod, which is recognized as more comfortable than Moscow, St. Petersburg, London and Paris.


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