Green corridors will appear on the border of Kazakhstan and Russia


The issue of opening "green corridors" on the border with Russia for Russian and Kazakh tourists is being worked out in Kazakhstan. This was stated by the deputy chairman of JSC NC "Kazakhturiz" Timur Duisengaliev, reports.

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«We need to do everything so that any difficulties or limitations in terms of the development of tourism can be settled and removed. These issues are not easy and are related to the security of our countries. The relevant departments are responsible for them, but we, for our part, will ask them to think and work on simplifying all these customs procedures.
Probably, they can not be completely avoided. But it is necessary to think carefully about the journey across the border to be easy and easy for our citizens. For our part, we have already begun to work through these issues and we hope that the next season of 2019 will be more comfortable for our tourists.», - said Duisengaliev.

According to him, last year our country was visited by one million and 700 thousand Russians. This year, this figure increased by 2.3-2.4 percent.

«We expect that this year we will reach two million people. If you count on average, then each tourist leaves 10 thousand tenge. If you multiply two million by 10,000 tenge, it turns out that several billion tenge will flow into the economy of Kazakhstan as a result of the interaction of our countries in the field of tourism», - Deputy Chairman of JSC NC "Kazakhturiz" noted.
«As a result of those activities that we plan to implement until 2019, we want to increase the number of tourists to four million. Imagine, only one Almaty region will receive up to four million tourists, which will create up to 30 thousand jobs. Accordingly, deductions to the budget will increase, this will give impetus to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. There are 10 such regions in our country, there are such places in each region», - concluded Duisengaliev.

The most visited places among Russian tourists are the border area, as well as Astana, Almaty and Shymkent. The Alakol and Balkhash lakes, the Shchuchinsko-Borovoy area, the Shalkar-Imantau area, Bayanaul, fishing and hunting in the Ural and other sights are becoming increasingly popular.


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