Kazakhstan is in the rating of Rapidly Developing Variable Risk


The world's largest medical and travel company International SOS published Travel Risk Map 2019. It shows which countries are recognized as the most dangerous for tourists.

Photo : www.travelriskmap.com

The company considered Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Niger, Central African Republic, Venezuela, North Korea, Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen, Haiti and Burkina Faso to be the most dangerous to visit. These states are marked in bright red on the map.

Russia, China, Kazakhstan, India and some other countries in Asia and South America have been assigned to a group of states with rapidly developing volatile danger.

The safest were many European and northern countries, for example, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. They are painted green.

The insurance company ERV has compiled a rating of countries in which Russians most often applied for medical assistance in the first half of 2018. The leading position in the number of insurance claims took the most popular destination among Russian tourists - Turkey. Here, almost half of those who asked for medical help (46 percent).

Source: www.zakon.kz

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