Mountain resorts near Almaty plan to be connected by cable car

On the governmental hour in the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan about the development of the tourist industry in the country, the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly spoke about the work on the tourist map, the correspondent of reports.

Photo : I love Almaty

According to the head of the department, the issue of tourism development is to build the necessary infrastructure.

«The Almaty region for mountain skiing has all the prerequisites that it can become one of the largest centers. Because at this time we have Chimbulak and the skiing cluster in Tabagan. Near "Forest Fairy Tale" they are building its skiing base. And, of course, in the distance Akbulak. If we only connect them at the first stage with a cable car, then this will be a network of ski infrastructure», - the head of the department said.

According to him, this will make not only winter types of recreation popular, but also summer ones.

«It will develop not only winter types of rest, but also summer ones, such as walking, horse, bicycle tours. At this time, hundreds of thousands of people themselves master this mountain tourism in the summer. We just have to connect them with the infrastructure. And then there will be no need to enter Chimbulak, you can go to Chimbulak by cable car while you are in Akbulak. And further, of course, we need to stretch to Kaskelen and Turgen. But Turgen, as you know, in 1989 the French company started the first stage of construction, and, of course, all the prerequisites are that the Turgen attracts the great attention of international investors», - A.Muhamediuly explained.


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