Ministry of Health: Foreigners go to Kazakhstan for IVF

Vice Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoi on the government hour in the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan spoke about how to develop medical tourism in Kazakhstan , the correspondent of reports.

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«In order to stimulate medical tourism, to prevent the outflow of our citizens for treatment abroad, we, of course, first of all have to raise our own infrastructure. Secondly, a lot of work is now being done to attract foreign investors from those countries in which our citizens leave. If you know, the main donor of medical tourists in the world is the United States. That is mean, in all countries, citizens go to other countries and try to be treated there. But we want the maximum number of our citizens to get quality assistance inside the country», - he sad.

According to him, now there are seven organizations in Kazakhstan that have international accreditation of JCI.

«That is mean, this accreditation confirms for all foreign companies, especially for insurance companies, that the treatment in these clinics is safe and it meets all world standards and foreign insurance reimburses in these clinics completely treatment for the stay of foreigners», - A. Tsoy specified.

At the same time, the vice minister added that in 2017 there was an increase in the number of visits - about 1680 foreigners received scheduled paid inpatient treatment.

«And about 23 thousand foreign citizens received health services, including sanatorium treatment. That is, there is great potential here. There is another direction that everyone can know and announce - this is extracorporeal fertilization and reproductive medicine, which is very widely known abroad. And to us very actively come from the leading countries of the world», - he noted.
«We have these technologies well developed. That is, we have defined the point growth centers from which we will begin to work. Specifically, in the new program for the development of tourism, a separate direction is prescribed for medical tourism and there will be clear recommendations and an action plan that we will implement», - concluded a representative of the Ministry of Health.


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