The park of tourist buses is worn out by 90% in Kazakhstan

Deputy Chairman of the Board of NC "Kazakh Tourism" Timur Duisengaliev named the main reasons that hamper the development of tourism in Kazakhstan, the correspondent of business information center reports.

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«Taking into account the fact that our region is in the center of the continent, sometimes it takes a long time to fly here, and it's expensive. Therefore, one of the main issues of discussion is transport accessibility. And then, when it flew to the country, it's good, but inside the country how to move around? We have big problems with the bus service, that is, the park of tourist buses is worn out by 90%», — Timur Duisengaliyev told journalists on the sidelines of the international forum of the countries participating in the Silk Road "Towards Unity" in Astana.

In addition, according to the speaker, domestic rail transport is also far from perfect.

«Our trains have not yet become a tourist product, it's just a method of delivery from one point to another. Today the speaker from Spain said that railway tourism is very popular. The cost of one five-day tour is up to 3 thousand euros. In general, of course, foreigners travel, and we are obliged to use these opportunities, because on the trains the golden category of tourists travels. This age category is 50+. They are educated people, people with a good income», — said Timur Duysengaliev.


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