Tours in Kazakhstan are of great interest - Muhamediuly

The Ministry of Culture and Sports will present a new tourism law and a tourism development program until the end of the year.This was announced today at the international tourism forum in Astana by Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, correspondent reports.

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He recalled that now the state's priority is the development of the Shchuchinsk-Borovoy resort zone, the Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions. Further, according to the priorities, the rest of Kazakhstan follows.

«Now, on behalf of the head of state, we must present the tourism law and the state program for the development of tourism before the end of the year. There, we will be able to accurately paint all our actions that cause interest. And all figures», - the minister said.

He noted that the number of investments in the tourism industry is growing on an ongoing basis, and therefore it is not appropriate to talk about figures. Moreover, Kazakhstan is making the first steps towards the development of tourism, and therefore the state will have to work immensely to develop the country's tourism infrastructure.

«As you know, this year Alakol, Borovoe and other our tourist sites were fully loaded, was sold-out. This is evidence that we are conducting purposeful work. Tours around Kazakhstan are of great interest, and we want to move even more actively in this direction. There is a huge interest to Kazakhstan and we should take advantage of this moment», - he added.

Also, according to the minister, the issue of tourism development was discussed the day before by President N. Nazarbayev at a meeting with the head of Turkey in Ankara.

«This is evidence that tourism is one of the main directions of the development of the economy not only in Kazakhstan, but also on a global scale», - he concluded.


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