"Central Asian Schengen" proposes to create Kazakhstan

The Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan recalled the importance of creating a "Central Asian Schengen" during the international tourist forum in Astana, Zakon.kz correspondent reports.

Photo : Lenta.ru

Arystanbek Mukhamediuly reminded that in 2016, together with the tour operators of Kazakhstan and China and with the support of the Asian Development Bank the international tourist route "Tien Shan Transit" was developed. A memorandum on joint promotion of the tourist product and creation of the necessary tourist infrastructure along the route was also signed.

«We are interested in developing similar and sustainable cross-border tourism products with Uzbekistan. Our regions successfully complement each other in terms of available resources», - he said.

So, according to him the relics of the Turkic world Turkestan very popular among Uzbek citizens and among the Kazakhstani people - pearls of tourism - Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand.

But to maximize the effective use of all opportunities arising from the growth of the tourist along the Great Silk Road, Kazakhstan will face a number of key issues, including simplifying the visa regime, improving air and transport links.

«At the moment, the question of mutual recognition of visas between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is approaching. Our neighbors in the region - Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are also showing interest in this issue. If we manage to find mutual understanding, then in the future we can get a kind of "Central Asian Schengen", which will give an additional flow of tourists», - he concluded.

Source: www.zakon.kz

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