World ski resort may appear in Almaty region

After the interdepartmental commission meeting on the concept of the draft law "On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on tourism activities," the vice minister of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerlan Kozhagapanov told journalists about plans to make the fourth world ski resort from Turgen (village in Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty region), the correspondent of reports.

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«Today Shymbulak is a pearl of the mountain-skiing tourism of our country. Unfortunately, the recreational load of Shymbulak for today is such that it should not take more than the amount that Shymbulak today takes. It is may, but should not. Taking into account the burden on nature, ecology and so on. Therefore, we need an entirely new ski resort, which can become not a regional object, but an object of international level», - he said.

According to him, back in 1988 the French company on the instructions of the government of the Kazakh SSR came and made calculations - in the Turgen gorge there is a remarkable place that can design trails longer than 90 km of skating.

«At Shymbulak today - 12.5 km the length of the route. And in Turgen we can create a resort, the length of the route on which will be about 90 km. That is already an international level. The most varied complexity of the trails: for children, families, women. Red, yellow, black - for extreme, for snowboarding, skis and so on. We are moving in this direction. We have now attracted consultants. Who study this issue in order to understand how much we need to invest there and how much we can attract tourists there, how many these tourists will be able to spend money», - deputy departments said.

As Kozhagapanov added, at present there are three most famous points of skiing - the Alps, which includes Switzerland, Italy, Germany and so on; in America - Colorado and it is on the volume of incoming tourists, foreign visits - this is Sapporo (Japan).

«Looking at the conclusions of our foreign experts, there is a conclusion in 1988, and there is a conclusion of 2009 and later - we believe that our Turgen, our Almaty region has great potential to become the fourth point of world ski tourism. This requires public investment and developed infrastructure: roads, light, sewerage. After that comes the business and says that he is ready to build cafes, restaurants, hotels, visit-center, roadside service», - he explained.

In conclusion, the Vice Minister noted that the agency now compiled a rating of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«In ten directions, budget losses will amount to about 119 billion tenge, but 1 trillion 427 billion of private investments will be attracted in the form of investments in these directions if all this is realized», - concluded a representative of the MCS RK.


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