Vice Minister Kozhagapanov criticized the road to Alakol

Vice Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erlan Kozhagapanov criticized the road from Taldykorgan to Lake Alakol, the correspondent of reports.

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According to the vice-minister, in 2017 about 750 thousand tourists rested on Lake Alakol, 180 thousand of them came from Russia. However, the road towards the tourist site in a bad condition.

«Today, the road from Taldykorgan to Alakol is not very good. I drove the car to Alakol. On such a road is very difficult to travel - the road is like after the Battle of Stalingrad. We went there nine hours from Almaty, this despite the fact that 350 thousand people go there every year», - Kozhagapanov said during the regular meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Legislative Activity Issues.

He added that to date, the national company "KazavtoZhol" on behalf of the Government of Kazakhstan began construction of this road.

«It will be a four-lane road with a separation barrier, there will be objects of roadside service. At us the quantity of tourists which will visit Alakol, will increase in times. But where will they live? Looking for hotels. Business is ready, but business says - build a road, lead networks, and we will come and build hotels. Today, by the way, there are already 16 hotels, and one of them will be introduced this year - four stars at least 250 rooms», - told the vice minister.

According to him, many facilities in the East Kazakhstan region have the potential for development if the state supports them.

«Here, probably, it will be necessary to connect the republican budget and international financial institutions. Today we are working closely with the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, which see one of their serious tasks in the development of tourism in developing countries», - concluded Kozhagapanov.


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