How far the Burabay resort approached "Kazakhstani Switzerland"

Akim of Akmola region Malik Murzalin told how the resort of Burabai developed the last few months, informs.

Photo : Kostanay News

As it turned out, the nearest plans for the authorities to build a ski resort in the north of Kokshetau. The project will provide 14 slopes of different levels, which will be located on the territory of 15 hectares.

Meanwhile, in the village of Burabai has already been landscaping the main street and beach area. Because of the large influx of tourists from Russia, who prefer to travel by car, two equipped autocamping facilities appeared on the resort's territory. On the territory there is water, electricity, sewage. Also along the highway leading to the resort, entrepreneurs continue to install modular pavilions. In the village of Burabay, the land was distributed to the business with the main requirement - that their facilities correspond to architectural requirements. Today, there are already 20 pavilions in operation.

Also, the number of certified hotels in the resort area increased from 4 to 22 units. Until the end of the year, it is planned to launch 14 rest places.

«When the hotel has a certain number of stars, the tourist already knows what level of comfort will receive. Hotels that have a star attract more tourists and earn more. I will say that for the akimat it is a good opportunity to insist on matching the star», - the head of the region reported.

Another important point was the fact that 20 kilometers of new roads will appear around the lakes of the zone. Thus it is planned to stimulate private entrepreneurs to develop their business. According to the akim, private traders invest in reconstruction, and the authorities invest in infrastructure.

Murzalin's plans include the development of medical tourism, in particular, where emphasis will be placed on rehabilitation medicine. Today the resort has 45 sanatoriums and resorts.

Continuing in the resort area and the work on the seizure of land and the demolition of dilapidated housing.

«The resort has a long history of the building outdated. On the instructions of the head of state, it is necessary to create a world-class resort. Many houses must be demolished for roads, sanatoriums, restaurants», - explained the akim.

Thus, inside the village of Burabay, to expand the road network, 43 possessions were demolished. For these needs, the authorities allocated 790 million tenge. To develop the promenade from the depths of the village to the shore of the lake, the akimat will continue to seize the land on 34 plots. For these purposes it is planned to allocate more than one billion tenge.

Malik Murzalin noted that the most important project for them was the construction on Lake Bolshoy Chebache.

«Resort Burabay is overloaded. High load. The resort does not cope. We must build new zones. On the northern shore of the lake, the large Chebache River is allocated 243 hectares. Work is in progress on communication of construction. In parallel, there will be a search for private investment, which will be built hotels, recreation centers, ski areas. So the tourist who arrives there must receive the full range of services», - he concluded.


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