Festival of Contemporary Art Artbat Fest 9


August 24 in Almaty for the ninth time will begin its work the annual international festival of contemporary art ARTBAT FEST. Its organizer is the Public Association "Eurasian Cultural Alliance", a non-profit organization founded in 2011.

Since May, within the framework of the festival, the work of the next School of Artistic Gest for young Kazakhstan artists has begun, which will present eight exhibition projects to the citizens. It is also planned to hold exhibitions of artists from Russia, India, Azerbaijan, Switzerland. Currently, the art study "Portrait of a Modern Almaty citizen" is being conducted, the results of which will also be demonstrated on ARTBAT FEST. Within the framework of the international project "Art Prospect", Belarusian and Armenian artists will come to the residence in Almaty to present their works at the festival.

The public art project of the festival was included in the international European program ARTECITYA. His curators are the French architect Simon Jacquemin and the Slovenian artist Martin Bricelj Baraga. The theme of the current public art project is "Water Stream".

«When we came together with Simon for the first time in Almaty last year, it became interesting for us to understand what distinguishes this city from Western and other post-Soviet cities. We saw that water is an important element in the life of the city. The network of irrigation ditches in the city itself, mud protection fences in the mountains, mountain rivers - water has a special status in Almaty and its own infrastructure. That is why all installations that Almaty residents will see, somehow will be connected with water, and some will even work thanks to it,» — says curator of public art project Martin Bricelj Baraga.

Ten installations will be installed from Satpayev Street to Kurmangazy Street along the Esentai River. Their authors are artists from Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan. Two works - the result of joint creativity curators of public art project.

«Art group BridA from Slovenia will build an interactive bridge. Italian artist Marco Barotti will create a musical kinetic installation of "Swans". The work of the Kazakh architect Asel Yeszhanova will be connected with the situation around the Aral Sea. Present their project and famous Kazakh artists, participants of last year's Venetian Biennale Yelena and Victor Vorobyov,» — says the director of ARTBAT FEST Olga Veselova.
      List of public art installations ARTBAT FEST'9:
  • 1. Aryk-o-phone Authors: MoTA & Bellastock (France and Slovenia)
  • 2. Lumitronome Author: Martin Bricelj Baraga (Slovenia)
  • 3. Sound Gallery Afterglow Author: Masayoshi Fujita (Japan)
  • 4. Vodoskop Authors: art group BridA (Slovenia)
  • 5. Swans Author: Marco Barotti (Italy)
  • 6. Glacier Waters Authors: Matthew Robinson, Ben Nathan (Great Britain and Germany)
  • 7. Duckling Authors: Yelena and Victor Vorobyov (Kazakhstan)
  • 8. Take it away Authors: Nazira Karimova, Anvar Musrepov, Arman Sein (Kazakhstan)
  • 9. Arrival Authors: Asel Yeszhanova and Sergey Kravchenko (Kazakhstan and Belarus)
  • 10. _unbuiltwaters Author: Aida Isahankyzy (Kazakhstan)
  • Symposium

    Another event that will be held within the framework of the festival on August 26 is a symposium dedicated to the issues of the influence of art on the urban environment. The participants of the symposium - artists and architects from different countries - will share their experience in creating projects of urban art and design, they will tell how it is possible to introduce art into the urban environment.

    The annual international festival of contemporary art ARTBAT FEST was founded in 2010. Over eight years of the festival, more than 130 artists and curators from more than 20 countries of the world took part in its work. They presented more than 300 different works of contemporary art. This year its partners are: International ARTECITYA Program, Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, MoTa Museum, Bellastock Architectural Bureau, ZK/U Public Center, Center for Art and Urbanistics, DPR Design and Consulting Studio, Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan, Faculty of Philosophy and political science of KazNU. Al Farabi, hotel "Kazakhstan", Urban Forum Kazakstan, CEC ArtsLink, Zurich University of Arts ZHdK.

    Address: embankment of the river Esentai - st. Satpayev

    Date of the event: 24 August - 24 September

    Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m.

    Entrance fee: Free

    Contacts: +7 707 769 48 81

    Website: artbat.kz

Source: sxodim.com

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