Do Kazakh people eat horse’s genital organ or what is Kazy


It is not the first time I hear in the English-speaking environment that Kazakh people eat horse genital organ, there are countries in which this part of the animals used for food and I in any case do not blame it, but in Kazakhstan we do not eat, in order to dispel this myth, this article was written.

So what foreign tourists see after there is a misunderstanding, the answer is very simple is the national sausage of horse meat - Kazy. I do not quite understand what the similarities between the products, but I have seen the television program in which bikers from Britain joked about the similarity of sausage made of horse meat and horse penis. By the way, in the same program, they were surprised that in Mongolia eat sheep testicles, although the Discovery Channel showed a program about the ranch in the United States in which farmers also fried and eat the testicles of castrated lambs.

Returning to the kazy, kazy it is meat that is cut from horse ribs and after we salt, pepper and rub it with garlic milled in a meat grinder, the whole meat is stuffed inside horse intestines, which was washed with salty water, it removes dirt and cleans mucus. It is one hundred percent natural and delicious product that is made only from meat, without the addition of harmful additives. We also consider some of the delights of horse intestines, to this taste, as opposed to kazy’s taste, you need to get used to.

making Kazy

You can buy kazy raw, usually in the market it may be asked to do it from the selected piece of meat, it is interesting that kazy is cheaper than good type of sausage in Kazakhstan, then cook it yourself, usually kazy simmered for about three hours, pre intestine pierce in several places, so it does not burst. Alternatively, you can buy ready-cooked smoked kazy, this option will be more expensive. Boiled kazy usually added to the national dish Beshparmak, in our family we buy kazy, cook it and eat with bread, as a sausage.


Why in Kazakhstan so fond of horse meat. Horsemeat is considered a dietary and hypoallergenic meat. Horsemeat has a little cholesterol, in addition there are vitamins such as A, C, B vitamins, and the meat is rich in iron. In simple terms, it is tasty and most importantly, useful meat, so I prefer horse meat for beef. For slaughter used a special breed fattening horses, in Kazakhstan we do not eat racing elite horses. We give names for steeds and treat them with great respect in Kazakhstan, as well as all over the world.

If you want to read more about the making process of kazy, follow this link or this.

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