Three reasons to use official taxis


In Almaty it is very developed running illegal taxi service, all and sundry taxi ranging from students, who earn on gasoline to drivers coming from other regions. In this article, I want to voice the three (3), in my opinion, are important reasons why it is better to use the official taxi services ordered by phone or using the application.

The main is the risk of being a participant of road accident at the driver's fault. Drivers cooperating or are employees of formal enterprises in addition to the traffic rules, have a number of factors constraining them from dangerous driving - a GPS monitoring, the risk of dismissal or, in the case of the applications on the similarity of Yandex taxi or the Uber, rating of service provided, which puts the customer. It is understood that in the case of a private driver, we can only rely on its adequacy.

Secondly, in practice, many private drivers perceive aggressively enough voiced criticism about the quality of service provided. I think, because in the opinion of these people, you have no right to express complaints in their personal vehicle, which is partly true. In the case of an official taxi, such problems are rare.

Third, keep in mind that private drivers in Almaty often pick up other customers along the way to use as efficiently as possible the car’s space and their time, so be prepared for constant stoppages or to ensure that little move.

I did not articulate the problem of a criminal nature, of fraud, of deception, and the more serious crimes from that no one is insured. Sometimes, drivers, realizing that you are non-local passenger, demand for travel more than the amount announced by, due to the fact that he was misunderstood or not rightly heard. I think that about the existence of such risks every adult understands when he or she is getting into the car to the absolute unknown person, for many the risk is justified by lower fares.

Instead of a conclusion, it should be noted that the use of the official taxi is not able to protect you from all the above mentioned problems, but a chance encounter with them is much lower. In this article you can get acquainted with the names of some of the city's taxi services.

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