Five reasons not to live in Almaty


Even if you love your hometown very much, as an adequate person, you understand that despite all the advantages it has, it also has certain disadvantages as a place for living and working, and Almaty is no exception. In this article, I want to tell you about the five most important, in my opinion, reasons not to reside to Almaty.

Polluted air

It can be said that constant smog over the city became a visiting card of Almaty, according to sources from the Internet, Almaty is one of the dirtiest cities in Kazakhstan and it is among the 20 dirtiest cities in the world. In the city no major industries that pollute the air, according to officials, the main source of pollution – road transport.

The problem of polluted air in the foothill location, in the basin, at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Because of this feature, Almaty is poorly ventilated, for the same reason, the part of the city located closer to the mountains is considered environmentally more favorable. At one of the conferences in the late 1980s, the ecological capacity of the city was named only half a million people, at the moment the population is approaching two million and the number of registered cars exceeds half a million.


Dirty streets

Despite the fact that the city is systematically cleaned by communal services, the streets are rather dirty, so it is customary for us to remove street shoes when entering a living quarters. In the process of turning Almaty into a large rubbish dump, significant contribution is made by the inhabitants themselves, unfortunately, for some of the townspeople the rubbish dump begins immediately outside the threshold of their apartment.

Throwing out a plastic bottle, a cigarette butt from the window of a moving car or expectorating on the pavement while walking is a special splurge for such people. It is sad that the growing generation gladly repeats after them. For information, the legislation of Kazakhstan provides administrative responsibility for such behavior, but law enforcement usually do not pay attention for that.

Plastic bottles

In general, if you pay attention, for some residents of the city there is no particular difference between a garbage can and an irrigation ditch, therefore, when you are visiting Almaty it should be taken into account that during heavy rains the city becomes the likeness of Venice. If you hope to relax from plastic bottles, cigarette butts and packets, leaving the city, then I hasten to disappoint you, they will wait for you there.

Plastic bottles

Public transport system

As it was said above, the problem of polluted air is associated with the exhausts of cars, despite this, the number of registered personal transport is constantly growing and part of this is due to the reluctance of citizens to change into public transport. I wrote about the problems of public transport in a separate article.

In general, there are the following significant problems: overcrowded buses during rush hours, terrible driving of drivers and lack of air conditioners, as the city is located in the south of the country in summer the temperature is often above 30 degrees Celsius. The metropolitan offers more convenient travel, but unfortunately, the coverage of the city by metro is insignificant.


Decrease in the general level of culture

Almaty is the cultural capital of Kazakhstan; there are many theaters, museums and libraries. With all this, there is a noticeable decrease in the overall culture of citizens, and here I not talk about that people prefer cinemas to the theaters, but about the everyday culture behavior. The problem of cigarette butts lying around at every step, a direct proof of the lack of culture behavior in public places.

When visiting Almaty, do not be surprised if you see a car parked on the sidewalk or overlapped a pedestrian path, with a culture of driving and parking is also a big problem. In general, it is a dream of a part of the citizens of our city to buy an expensive cross-country vehicle, even if on credit, and have good connections with the traffic police, which will allow them completely ignore the road rules and other road users.

parking on the sidewalk

No more garden city

Once upon a time, Almaty was known as a garden city, thanks to a developed irrigation system, in which cool, clear mountain water flowed in the summer heat and to a large number of gardens and trees in the city. Unfortunately, now the city is actively moving towards getting the status of the stone jungle.

Chaotic high-rise buildings that do not take into account the movement of mountain winds, cutting down large tracts of wild fruit forests and gardens in the mountains, active building in mountain worsen the already bad ecological situation in the city.


Instead of conclusion

Of course, not everything is so sad, after the rains and strong winds, the city air again becomes clean. Thanks to the work of communal services, there are no mountains of garbage on the sidewalks. During working hours and weekends, you can move quite comfortably on public transport and the city still has many parks and shady alley, where you can meet educated, cultured and sympathetic people.

Frightening that if the situation develops in the same vein, then within few decades, Almaty will turn into a gassed garbage pit inhabited by evil and rude people.

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