How much you need money to live in Almaty?


To change the current place of residence, even temporarily, is not a simple decision. Information about new place, where you plane to move, obtained from the Internet usually helps us make a decision. With this publication, I hope to help people make the right decision about the issue of a possible move to Almaty.

It is clear that the publication is based on personal experience and part of the city's residents spends on their accommodation, monthly, significantly smaller amounts. It is also necessary to consider that the prices indicated in the article are relevant as of the date of publication.

I have identified the following main expenditure groups: housing, food, transportation, clothing, entertainment, household chemicals, household goods, medical care and other expenses.


Here I include the costs of renting a apartment, if you do not have your own housing, and utility costs. In the framework of this article, I will not consider options for buying your own property, as it is a subject for a separate large publication, as well as capital costs associated with the repair of housing and the purchase of household appliances and furniture.

Regarding the lease of a apartment, it all depends on your requirements and financial possibilities. From personal experience I know that a long-term lease of a one-room apartment in a new residential complex located in a good neighborhood with European-quality repair and all home appliances will cost you about 150,000 tenge (450 USD) per month. Rent a one-bedroom apartment in a sleeping area and an old house will cost 60,000 – 90,000 tenge (180 - 270 USD) monthly. The options for renting accommodation in Almaty, you can see on this site.

The cost of utility payments depends on the class of the chosen housing and the time of the year. In winter and in new residential complexes, such payments are higher, in the winter it is connected with the need to pay for central heating services, and in new residential complexes utilities payments additionally include expenses related to house maintenance, elevator maintenance, guard, concierge and gardeners salaries. On average, in the new residential complex for a one-room apartment the amount per month will be from 20,000 to 30,000 tenge (60 - 90 USD), and in old houses from 12,000 to 18,000 tenge (35 - 55 USD), including Internet and telecommunication costs.


Here, as always, all individually, you can buy products in small shops at home, or in large retail chains and markets to buy at more wholesale prices. On average, my family leaves from 35,000 to 50,000 tenge (100 - 150 USD) per month for one adult, here I do not include hikes in cafes and restaurants, which are reflected separately in the category "Entertainment". For information on average: the cost of a kilogram of beef 1,800 tenge (5 USD), wheat flour, premium grade 170 tenge (0.5 USD) per kg, kilogram of rice 300 tenge (0.9 USD), sugar 280 tenge (0.8 USD) per kg, cow's milk 300 tenge (0.9 USD) per liter.

food prices

food prices


The fare for the current moment in public transport is 150 tenge (0.45 USD), when paying by cash to the driver and 80 tenge (0.25 USD) when paying by unified transport card and by SMS. Travel in the subway 80 tenge (0.25 USD). About a unified transport card you can read here, about the risks associated with traveling by bus here.

The fare around the city at a passing taxi is about 500 tenge (1.5 USD), using the online taxi order system, such as Uber and Yandex taxi, about 750 tenge (2.2 USD). Why you should use the official taxi and online ordering systems you can read here. On average, a monthly for transportation costs, we spend about 10,000 tenge (30 USD) per adult. If you move only by taxi or by your own car, the costs will be in the area 35,000 tenge (100 USD).


Relatively cheap clothes can be bought on a large clothing market, which is called "Barakholka" in common, mainly there is sold clothing from China and neighboring Kyrgyzstan. At 35,000 tenge (100 USD), if you know the location, you can buy a pair of trousers, a pair of shirts and one pair of shoes on the "Barakholka".If you have a larger budget, you can buy branded items in numerous trading houses and shopping and entertainment centers. It is clear that here the purchase of only one pants can cost the same 35,000 tenge. On average, a budget of 35,000 tenge per person will be enough for a monthly renovation of the wardrobe. Popular sites selling things, here and here.


In Almaty and its environs, a lot of places where you can spend your leisure time, from going on a picnic in the mountains to going to a nightclub, in this category I also include hiking with friends in cafes and restaurants, as well as spending on presents and gifts. The average bill per person in cafes and bars is about 5,000 tenge (15 USD), going to an evening session in the cinema will cost 1,500 tenge (4.5 USD). From my experience, the monthly budget for this spends will be about 40,000 tenge (120 USD) monthly, per person.

Medical care

Admission by a good specialist in a large medical center costs from 6,000 tenge (15 USD), this is without taking into account the cost of analyzes and other surveys that are paid separately, and can make a substantial amount. To put one tooth filling will cost from 15,000 tenge (45 USD). On average, the monthly cost of treatment and medication will be about 10,000 tenge (30 USD) per person, taking into account the absence of real health problems.

Household chemicals, household goods and other expenses

This group can also include the cost of a hairdresser, clothing and footwear repair services, dry cleaning. The total amount of such expenses per month will be about 10,000 tenge (30 USD).

In total, it follows from my calculations, for a comfortable stay to one person on average needs about 250,000 tenge (700 USD) monthly, with a significant part of this amount being the cost of housing. Taking into account that the average salary in Almaty is about 190,000 tenge (570 USD), of course, your incomes should exceed the average city index. If it is necessary you can keep within 100,000 tenge (300 USD), but then you will have to save considerably and use various life hacks.

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